Center for Writing and Academic Support

The goals of the Center for Writing and Academic Support are threefold: (1) to help students write well both for their courses within the Divinity School and for their ongoing work within the academy and the church; (2) to provide academic support in the form of tutoring for core courses; and (3) to offer advice for navigating the academic challenges of the school and for further understanding of subject matter central to the curriculum.

The center also organizes a two-day pre-orientation workshop (RISE) for first-year students to prepare them for the work and assignments they will encounter in their core classes.

Writing Assessment

Students entering the MDiv (residential and hybrid) and MTS degree programs at the Divinity School are required to complete a writing assessment at the start of their first semester. This assessment is evaluated by the center’s instructors, who then meet with students to provide feedback on the students’ strengths and weaknesses as writers, to explain the types of theological writing they will be expected to master for their classes, and to acquaint them with the services of the center. Students in the MA degree program are also required to complete a writing assessment, which is administered through one of their introductory courses.

Tutoring and Resources

All students are encouraged to make use of the center. Writing and subject-area tutors are available throughout the week (hours and sign-up instructions are found on both the Divinity School’s website and on the center’s Sakai site) and are able to work with students at all stages of the writing process and at all levels of proficiency. The center also provides occasional workshops focusing on the basics of academic and theological writing, and ways to approach assignments for core classes. For more information or to access a number of web-based resources, visit the center’s website at